Recreation Center Board

The Recreation Center is operated by a city appointed board called the "Recreation Center Board" and that board reports to the Board of Aldermen. The Recreation Center Board actually sets policy and operating rules reporting to the Board of Aldermen who has final authority. City Code Section 3A.200 & 3A.205, 7 members at 2 yr term, terms expire June 1st. Board meets as needed.

The Recreation Center Board

Board Member Johnny Robinson (573) 687-3837
2 yr term expiring 2023

Board Member Jodi Rush - (573) 687-3463
2 yr term expiring 2023

Board Member Dennis Crowley
2yr term expiring 2023

Board Member Daniel Hunt 573-933-1197
2 yr term expiring 2023

Board Member Cindy Kelly 
2 yr term expiring 2024

Board Member Gina Mills (573) 687-3930
2 yr term expiring 2023

Board Member Stan Brooks
2 yr term expiring 2023

The Sturgeon Recreation Association (SRA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit association that formed for the purpose to raise funds to construct the Rec Center and support the Rec Center on going as well as other projects in the Sturgeon Community that promote health, fitness, and recreation in the community. As a recognized 501 (c)(3) association all contributions to the Sturgeon Recreation Association are tax deductible. The SRA is independent of the City but works closely with the Recreation Center Board to support the Rec Center.

Officers and Directors of the SRA

Chair Gina Mills

Secretary Johnny Robinson (573) 687-3837

Board Member Cindy Kelly

Board Member Stan Brooks (573) 687-3292

Board Member Daniel Hunt

Board Member Dennis Crowley

Board Member Jodi Rush

The Rec Center was officially opened on 7/1/01. The building is debt free with all funds raised from cash contributions, grants, fund raisers. User fees expenses are expected to cover daily operating expenses. However we still need to buy additional equipment for the exercise area and donations are needed for that purpose.  As you will see from the pictures we have quite a bit of weight training equipment that was purchased from the University of Missouri but we still need cardiovascular and aerobic equipment.

Contributions to the City of Sturgeon for projects like this are also tax deductible.