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Weed removal bid proposal


The City of Sturgeon is seeking bids for the cutting down/removal of tall weeds and other vegetation along our city water drainage canal. Interested parties should submit your bid to the City of Sturgeon, 303 East Station Dr., Sturgeon, MO 65284. Bids will be accepted until the work is completed. The city reserves the right to accept or not accept any bids. The individual/organization selected will need to provide proof of an acceptable commercial liability policy, with a minimum limit of $1 million per occurrence and name in the City of Sturgeon as an additional named insured.  The specific areas needing the service along both sides of the drainage canal are listed on our City of Sturgeon Facebook page.If interested Parties need additional information or have questions regarding the areas needing this service, please contact the Sturgeon city office at 573-687-3321.